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When On The East Coast, Go Kite Surfing To Explore Islands, Beaches And Lagoons

    What Makes It Awesome

    Forget lying on the beach or just a quick banana boat ride. Just ride those waves and wind on a kiteboard, and explore the spectacular east coast. This is adventure at its best! Organised by Quest Asia, kitesurfing safaris have been quite the trend, and we love it. Come on, surely you agree that there’s a thrill in gliding on water, weaving in and out of beautiful lagoons with nothing but blue seas beyond you. With wave spots to ride the tide, unexplored lagoons, and ideal wind conditions for approximately 10 months a year, we’re happy to ditch trains, planes and cars for the cooler kite and board. 

    If you’re new to the sport, try the three-day safari priced where you’ll kite anything from 15 kilometers to 30 kilometers everyday depending on the wind. Sticking closer to the shore, you’ll stop off at ruins of monuments, churches, temples and really anything that catches your fancy. Like all safaris, this one too will end in spending the night at a homestay.

    Oh, you want more adventure? Not to worry, us too! Which is why we love the Island Hopping (five days) or the Spice Coast Expedition (a solid 14 days) which goes as high as Tranquebar from Rameshwaram. There’s just something about the Gulf Of Mannar, with its pristine blue waters, the super-cool Adam’s Bridge, and of course, the magnificent Marine National Park which is swarming with underwater flora and fauna. Who knows, someday, maybe they’ll even let us kitesurf all the way to Sri Lanka!

    Prices here are at about INR 25,000 for three days, INR 50,000 for five days, and INR 1,10,000 for 14 days and it all includes your accommodation and equipment as well.