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These Heirloom Textiles & Furnishings Are Putting The Seven Sisters On The Map!


    What Makes It Awesome

    When we think Northeast our minds flutter to travel and adventure in lands lesser-known. Very rarely does it think of centuries worth of rich heritage and crafts so unique, they could change our aesthetic for good. What's even distant is appreciating the communities whose entire livelihood thrives on this. Troubled by the same, two women of Assam and Nagaland decided to rally together and support these dying crafts and the artisans behind it all by setting up Konyak (named after a prominent tribe in Nagaland).

    Both a physical and e-store based out of Guwahati, consider this a one-stop-shop for all things made by hand with love and care straight out of the Northeast! The Founders, one of whom (Jahnabi Phookan) is an MP and the Head of Commerce, work directly with small-scale artisans in remote villages -- train and collaborate with them in the design aspects to build this passion project. Currently, on their line of products you will find bestsellers in soft home furnishings like Cushion Covers weaved using modern and traditional looms. Some of our favourites are The Hamren -- made with pure cotton and eri silk yarn, this boasts an off-white based and a modern pattern, Lakhipur Cover with traditional motifs and the Modern Cushion Cover that uses an heirloom Muga Ghisa Yarn with pure cotton.

    Also available are Cane and Bamboo Baskets showing off some skilled basketry, unique and deeply Ethnic Artefacts and Tapestries, Assamese Jewellery Sets and Teas. What we are absolutely enamored by though are the textiles & looms, traditional saree weaves and the handwoven scarves and dupattas. These take about 30 hours to weave and are made at a special handloom unit at Kaziranga run by woman weavers!


    In the looms section, expect to spot rare finds like Nuni Sador Mekhela -- a saree weave native to Assam in mulberry silk and pure Eri Silk Scarves and Dupattas (Malum, Howli Roha) in intricate designs that speak volumes of traditions and elegance. True heirlooms from the Northeast. These are naturally dyed too! Prices for home furnishings and cushions start at INR 550 while the looms start at INR 2,000 going up to INR 7,000.