Ten-second takeaway 

Koogu, a solo performance by Anish Victor, uses text, dance, music and more to depict the struggles of being a performing artiste.

Artistic calling

The many creative discussions (over a span of six years, no less!) between Bangalore-based performer, Anish Victor, and French dancer and choreographer, Michel Casanovas led to the creation of Koogu, which means “call” in Kannada. Including its recent month-long tour in Kerala, the piece has had shows across varied venues (from living rooms to auditoriums) around the country and even in Nairobi.

Taken from life

Produced and presented by Sandbox Collective (a city-based theatre collective), the 70-minute solo performance is based on real-life incidents and challenges faced by the performer over the years. Apart from text, music and pre-recorded and live sounds (which includes singing and drumming by Anish) to engage the audience, Koogu also has a blend of dance which is mostly influenced by Michel.

Where: Alliance Francaise, 108, Thimmaiah Road, Opposite UNI Building, Vasant Nagar

When: Thursday, January 14, 7pm (free entry)

Contact: +918050516098

Read more about the event here.

Featured image via: Aruna M / Sandbox Collective