At LBB, we love ourselves a spot of national integration and regional diversity. Which is why we love Koramangala for putting the spotlight on regional food offered by several eateries there. Whether you are from north of the country or from the east, this burgeoning neighbourhood has something for everyone. This list though is in no way conclusive. Share your regional secrets with us and we will add it to this list.

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Axomi Taste of Assam


Source: Axomi

Assamese restaurant Axomi {pronounced Aa-ho-mi} offers simple thalis in veg, chicken, fish, mutton, duck and pork avatars. We especially love their Khorikat Pura Gahori {chunks of pork grilled inside hollow bamboo skewers} and their version of this tender meat cooked with lettuce — Patot Diya Gahori. The light and watery Bor Tenga, savoury fritters cooked in a tangy gravy and the Aloo Pithika, mashed potatoes perked up with mustard oil and chillies, are other favourites.


We have already raved about their smoked pork ribs here and we can’t get over their porky dishes cooked in black sesame {anishe}, yam, fermented soya bean {akhuni} and bamboo shoot either. The list of fiery hot chutneys made with an assortment of meat, smoked fish, veggies and herbs are endless here and highly recommended.

The Juke Box

Regional cuisine in Koramangala in Bangalore

Source: The Jukebox

If you looked at Juke Box’s menu, you wouldn’t expect them to serve Parsi cuisine. But hidden among the Cheese Balls and Beef Stroganoff is a tiny but competent Bawa food menu. Mutton, chicken or veg Dhansak, Patrani Machhi, Salli Boti, Salli Chicken, Chicken Farchas and Mutton or Chicken Frilly Cutlets pay tribute to Parsi cuisine.

Shree Shyam Thali

At this tiny eatery, the menu is just two pages long, but their Rajasthani specials is what should catch your eye. Try their Dal Batti Churma or Daal Batti Chokha as a snacking option, or opt for the more elaborate Rajasthani thali which comprises a kadhi from the region along with two subjis, roti, rice and raita.

Bhojohori Manna

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Source: Bhojohori Manna

Named after the popular Bengali song sung by Manna Dey, this restaurant is known for its budget eats with Kolkata street food style snacks, extensive fish, chicken and mutton menu plus specials such as Potoler Dolma {gourd stuffed with minced meat or prawns}, Postor Bora {fritters made with a paste of poppy seeds}, Dhaka-style Mutton Biryani and more.


Regional cuisine, koramangala, thali, papad

Source: Shashank BD

This restaurant offers Chettinad specials such as Chettinad Mutton Bone Soup, Chettinad Chicken Varuval, Mutton Brain Roast, Vanjara Tawa Fish Fry, Kotthu Paratha and more.

Maria’s Goan Kitchen

Regional cuisine, Koramangala, Bangalore, Maria's Goan Kitchen, Goan cuisine, Idli,

Source: Maria’s Goan Kitchen

What used to be a home delivery service {still is} is now also a fully functional Goan restaurant-kitchen. Run by Maria and her husband, this Goan kitchen offers staples from the sunshine state with Goan Pork Sausages, Beef Roast, Rava Fish Fry making an appearance on the menu. Seafood, poultry, beef and pork are cooked in Vindaloo, Recheado, Cafreal, Sorpotal, Xacuti and Caldin styles.

Sree Krishna Kafe

Their Podi dosas are quite popular as is their unlimited Tamil Nadu-style simple, homely banana leaf meals. Sunday specials include Adai with Avial, a kind of thicker dosa served with a mix vegetable cooked in coconut.

Tunday Kababi

The famous Lucknow kabab {the Tunday Kabab} is now the namesake of a chain which has spread its tentacles all over the country including our city. You have to try the legendary sublime and smooth Mutton Tunday Kabab along with Boti and Sheek kababs. There is also Lucknow Biryani, curries such as Nihari and Korma, and Awadhi Kheer to be mopped up.

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill

Among the sea of North Indian and Mughlai offering restaurants in Koramangala, Punjab Grill stands tall because of the fine-dine sheen it adds to the wholesome fare from up north. Though strictly not ghar ka khana {there is also a bit of creative license involved here}, Punjab Grill does North Indian and Mughlai cuisine but with plenty of elan. Start your meal with a brothy Mutton Yakhni Shorba. Move on to Dahi ke Kebab, Fish Amritsari or Kakori Seekh Kabab. The Raan or the Tandoori Murgh are fitting mains as are the cream and nut-laden curries and gravies. Sarson da Saag and Makai Di Roti are other Punjabi staples on the menu.



Adding some coastal Andhra cuisine to Koramangala’s food map, Coringa opened its new outlet earlier this year. So, this is where you should head to if you want to feast on signature dishes like seer fish fry, Mamidikaya Mutton {mutton cooked in raw mango gravy}, Whole Kakarakaya {bitter gourd stuffed with spices and fried} and Gongura Royallu {prawns cooked with sorrel leaves}.

Fat Sindhi


Dive in straight for their Dado Sutho Menu comprising Dal Pakwan, Pakwan Chat, cutlets made out of dal, paneer or keema {mutton} and Koki { Sindhi style flatbread} served with dahi. Those with bigger appetites can try the combos such as Mutton Keema Pav, Sindhi Teevan {Sindhi style mutton curry with rice} or their veg, chicken or mutton meals. Saturdays is Sai Bhaji meal day and Fridays and Sundays are dedicated to Sindhi Curry meals.

 Featured image:  Axomi Taste of Assam