Koramangala's Newest Insta-Worthy Cafe Is A Chill Spot With Plenty Of DIY Inspo And Board Games

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Not that Koramangala is short of hangout spots, but it's always a welcome change when there's a new one. Bearfoot, a cafe, is set inside a large house with each room having its own vibe. I am in love with the room with books and floor cushions. Nothing like stretching your legs and playing a game of Scrabble. That's what I did when my friends and I popped over one rainy day. Order a side of Fiery Chicken, a Spinach-Corn sandwich, and an Electric Iced Tea, and you are good to go. Fries, pizza, and substantial eats like Chicken Marengo and Paneer Steak should keep the hunger pangs at bay. . If you are coming in a big group jam room or the living room should accommodate you. For the lovebirds, the al fresco space with cots should see to it that you get your much-needed privacy. Now, you'll totally love the DIY inspo the cafe has to offer with the fish tank made out of an old television set stealing our heart. Quite the quirkiest thing in the cafe followed by a coffee table with microchips inside it. Coffee tables made from old electric wire wooden spools, upcycled furniture, and upholstered couches and cushions add to the DIY-ness. It goes without saying that the artwork on the walls make the whole space Insta-worthy!

    What Could Be Better

    Not that we're complaining of it not being there, but if there was free WiFi or even paid WiFi, I could see myself working out of this cafe from time to time. The whole space has a creative vibe of sorts!

    How Much Did It Cost?

    It's on the pocket-friendly side with a meal for two would cost you around INR 600!

    Best To Go With?

    Go with your squad, office peeps, and on dates with bae!
      Koramangala, Bangalore