Planters, Name Boards And Trays: Go Artsy With Decor From This Online Studio

    What Makes It Awesome

    Krraft Owl, a home studio based out Banashankari creates artsy home decor for your space. If you are looking for planters for you outdoor and indoor plants, check out Krraft Owl. We are talking about planters made out of guitars, logs of wood, jars, and kettles. Use old guitars to create planters by painting them with non-toxic acrylic paints, they make planters in the shape of trucks and wells. Pick holders for your pens, hairbrushes, and cutlery with decoupage, handpainted cats, butterflies, buddha and a lot more. 

    Their name boards and memory boards are quite a steal and come with embossed flowers, fairy lights, and handpainted quotes. Shop for utility boxes to store essentials, trinkets, jewellery or peacocks and mandalas painted on them. The utility trays with decoupage art is a stunner and great for serving while entertaining guests. They also stock up on coasters and fridge magnets in shapes like stars, moons, mandalas, and squares with floral prints. Get yourself a handmade tissue box for your living room, dressing table or even your car from Krraft Owl. You can place your orders with them through Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The prices here start at INR 50 and go up to INR 4,000 depending on the piece. 


    They also customize, so you can get in touch with them to get something made, just for you. Krraft Owl has also been creating beautifully unique and appreciation boards for doctors who are fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines, if you know of any you can get them something special too! They are open for orders and deliveries.