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Kylie's: The Bao Shop brings the Cantonese-Style Steamed Buns to Street Level

Amrita posted on 21 December


Tempura Tofu and Tandoori Chicken baos


Soft drinks and bottled water are the only option here

Winning for

Freeing the bao from the shackles of it being served only in fancy, high end restaurants {in the city}, and bringing it to street food level. Plus the brilliant pricing.

What to eat

If you, like us, work close to Kylie’s, you will end up eating through the menu very soon. The Teriyaki Chicken {served with spicy chipotle mayo, picked cucumber and toasted sesame seeds} is a bit sweet and mild for our liking, but the Tempura Tofu {with shredded scallion, pickled ginger and chilli hot sauce} is competent with the tofu being encased in airy and crunchy deep-fried batter. The Tandoori Chicken version here is our favourite. Served with coriander, chilli and minty mayo, the spicy chicken is perfectly cushioned in the generous bosom of the slightly bland bao.

We have also tried the fish offerings here, but would really wish that the rather tasteless basa will get replaced by other seafood soon.

The DL on the ambience

There ain’t no ambience here, it’s simply a couple of colourful stools and tables, used on a sharing-basis {with other restaurants in the same compound} and is not meant to encourage you to linger on. Finish your baos, or take them away and push off.

So, we’re thinking…

While the Char Siu bao was the first one that came to mind when we announced the opening of Kylie’s here, we will have to go without the delish barbecue pork-filled steamed buns, because chicken, fish and lamb is what Kylie’s wants to stick to.

Where: 48, Triumph Tower, Church Street, opposite Hotel High Gates.

When: noon onwards

Price: INR 100 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.