Ten-Second Takeaway

We’ve been floored by the exhibitions, art and artistes that Kynkyny Art introduced to us. And now with the curtains coming  down on the gallery, you can get yourself art at a 50 per cent discount.

Art Attack

From launching artistes and collaborating with veterans for a new twist, to bizzare contemporary and regal classic, they had them all. And even Kabuki — Japanese dance-drama but on tangible products. Some of us even went from watching from a distance to becoming experts in their 13-year reign. But alas, all good things must come to an end. So, if like us, you thought that the art was exclusive {by virtue and price} then this is your chance to load up and turn overnight collector. All the art is being sold at up to 50 per cent discounts.

Photo source: Kynkyny Art - Dhrubajyoti Baral

Photo source: Kynkyny Art – Dhrubajyoti Baral

There’s Dhrubajyoti Baral, who is known for his radiant and romantic tempera artworks, Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar’s mixed media work and plenty more including Sachin Jaltare, Praveen Kumar, Karma Tenrab and Radhika Neelakantan. And this is only until Tuesday, November 15.

Hurry folks, this really is your last chance.

Featured Photo: Kynkyny Art – JMS Mani