Ten-second takeaway

From pizza dough to brownie batter and ready-to-eat rotis, food start up La Farine wants you to cook right in your kitchen without having to bother about putting together ingredients and getting the process started.

What’s on offer?

At La Farine, you can take your pick from batters such as American Pancakes, Eggless Pancakes, Belgian Waffles, Banana Muffins, Gooey Brownie, and Eggless Brownie along with doughs for pizza (thin crust or whole wheat), pita bread, and cookies such as Cashew and Chocolate Chip. There’s even rotis which just need to be heated before consumption. They claim that all their products are 100 per cent natural with no preservatives and additives used.

How does it work?

Once you order what you want to, all you need to do is to remove the raw batter or dough from the packaging, add your choice of topping or garnish, cook for 5-7 minutes on your OTG oven or stove top. And you are ready to serve.

So, we’re thinking…

We are thinking, these batters and doughs could be very handy when you have to organise food for an impromptu party or even make an elaborate affair of a weekend brunch. The recipe blog on the site provides complimentary content that will help you do justice to the batters and doughs you have acquired. Plus, there is no minimum order that needs to be made and shipping is absolutely free.

Price: INR 40 upwards for a thin crust pizza dough

Check out their website here to order online.

Featured image via: La Farine