Ten-second takeaway

Co-working space NUMA BLR is launching its in-house cafe. And it is open to everyone.

Eat, play and work

After recently changing its brand name from Cobalt BLR to NUMA {result of a tie up with French startup accelerator NUMA}, and expanding to six floors, the co-working space is all set to launch its new cafe. Open to the public from March 7, the cafe simply called Cafe at Numa, will work on a unique premise. The cafe will be run by food start ups and the roster will change every three months.

To begin with, French food truck company Le Casse Croûte, will take over the running of the cafe and do the food. Apart from their regular menu of French croquet, sides and desserts, expect coffee {Italian mock, French press and Vietnamese style}, French herbal teas, chilled fruity drinks, seasonal fruit crumble and more. Plans are also on to introduce breakfast soon with french toast, muesli, and French crepes with homemade jam or cocoa spread.

And that’s not all

Le Casse Croûte will also offer some indoor games for you to play such as table football and tennis, Mölkky {a Finnish throwing game}, and Pétanque Molle {a French ball throwing game}.

Where: Cafe at NUMA BLR, 6th Floor, 46/1, Church Street,

When: Monday, March 7 onwards, Monday to Saturday, 9.30am-7.30pm

Contact: 080 65691530

Price: INR 100 upwards.

Find NUMA BLR on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Featured image via: Le Casse Croute