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Sign-Up For The LBBxChumbak's Pedal-Grammers Leisure Ride Across Bangalore

Aakanksha posted on 30 January

What Is It?

To make your Sunday a fun day, LBB, Bangalore is typing up with Chumbak {The fun and happy design-led lifestyle store} to bring back the Weekend Of Awesome this February. And to kick things off, on February 5, we're hosting Pedal-grammers — a leisure bicycle ride across town combined with plenty of pitstops for those perfect Bangalore morning Instagram shots. Biking community and store BUMSONTHESADDLE will provide you with cycles, and also they'll create a route that's not too tough even for noob riders.

Who Is It For?

Can you ride a bicycle? Great, then this one's for you! It's expected to be a lovely ride, so if you don't mind waking up on Sunday, slightly earlier than usual, then sign-up, already!

Why Should I Sign Up?

Historically, every time LBB and Chumbak have teamed up, it's been a riot of fun. Be it for spreading Christmas love to making cocktails, it's always about the good times. And if not for that, how about spending a cool morning exploring your city with other like-minded people and taking awesome pictures? Ah, sounds cool, no? Oh! And also, if your picture is so amazing it breaks the Internet, or comes close to doing so, you'll win goodies from Chumbak. See, I told you, sign-up in the form below, quick, there's only limited spots.

When: February 5, Sunday

Where: Kicks off at Cubbon Park

Timings: 8am - 10am

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Cubbon Park

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locationKasturba Road

Kasturba Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru

locationKasturba Road