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15 Sweet Reasons You Need To Be At The LBB Dessert Bazaar This Sunday

Aakanksha posted on 22 March

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you drool when watching the film Chocolat {no, not at Johnny Depp}, or want to be an Umpa Lumpa in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, just so you get a lifetime supply of chocolate, then you have got to cancel everything you had planned for Sunday, March 26, and make your way to the LBB Dessert Bazaar. Forget your diet, ignore the cheat days and just go all out and indulge. Life really does not get better than a whole day of eating over 200 desserts. Except that it does, because all this is going down at Arbor Brewing Company so that means copious amounts of beer on offer. Bring on the good life!

Inner Chef

Oh how these people know how to spoil us! From muffins, cookies and brownies to cheesecake, tarts and truffles, you can spend all day eating the desserts here. And the best part is, they’re all bite-sized {albeit massive bites} so you can gleefully eat the lot! Plus, western and Indian dessert jars! Yaay!


You may have ODed on Anu Nagpal’s desserts when she was  a pastry chef with Caperberry and Fava, and now Anu Nagpal, though a home baker, is still whisking up some great treats with Crave. You can count on her for brownies, some version of tiramisu, chocolate blondies, dulce de leches {yup, the dreamy caramel syrup} and buttermilk cake. You can also expect vegan cheesecake and other paleo options too.

Marzipan Cafe & Bakery

If you’ve been around to this cutesy café, you’ll know that they take dessert super seriously. And as much as you liked their mousakka, you’ll love their Mud Pies oozing chocolate too. They’re also bringing their light cheesecake, and the yummy Victoria Sponge Cake that’ll be layered with jam and custard. Oh, we’re drooling already.


If you want eggless desserts uniformly, then head to Dolci’s stall. Teasing you with truffles and mini profiteroles, leave space for the burnt lemon tart, their specialty. There’s also going to be Red Velvet cakes, chocolate eclairs and their sinful six-layered chocolate cake. Run that extra five {or ten} miles before heading here, folks!

Happy Belly Bakes

There’s likely to be a crowd {as usual} around the lovely ladies from Happy Belly Bakes and why not. Expect their super gooey brownies – rich chocolate ones with walnuts, sweet croissants, flaky Choux Pastry and *hold you breath* a croquembouche! Yes, that caramel goodness of a mountain. Oh, and did we mention that they’ll also have a Checkered Tea Cake. They’re been known to do a six-colour one, and we can’t wait for this one.

PO Box Nine

In her true, quirky style, Riccha Paul, the lovely face behind PO Box Nine, is baking up a storm. From Buttermilk Biscuits {perfect for vegetarians too} with bourbon brown sugar sauce and cinnamon rolls {that sold out in minutes last year}, to Texas chocolate sheet cakes and also her oh-so-famous Red Velvet Cupcakes, you best bring a bag to take home some of her goodies too.

Mommy's Health Kitchen

Minka Sikka brings you and your little tyke, some seriously good and thankfully healthy treats. We go gaga over the cookies, bread sticks and muffins. Packed with 100 per cent natural produce, fruits, veggies and sweetened by jaggery, honey or dates only, you can feast away without feeling guilty here!

The Sugar Fairy

For those of you who are strictly vegetarian and even vegan, The Sugar Fairy will entice you with cupcakes. For the rest, load up on Nutella, mocha, chai, Red Velvet, Oreo and mint chocolate cupcakes among others. We’re looking forward to the cinnamon spiced one and even the pistachio version. Plus, brownies, cake pops, rainbow cakes for added colour and dessert shots and jars.

Fresh Menu

You’ll know them from your daily lunches, but gear up for Red Velvet Cup Cakes with cheese frosting, giant Choco-Chunk Muffins {oh hello!}, Ferrero Rocher mini cakes, crumble Pavlova and more. The LBB Crew has been dreaming of Pure Dark Chocolate Cake with Cherry, Thyme and Brandy sauce. You?

Cake Bucket

Decadent fusion desserts, cutesy cupcakes that you can keep popping into your mouth, and chunky brownies is what Cake Bucket will spoil you with. Shweta Chauhan is known to make anything look pretty, so feel free to Instagram all the desserts here, before gobbling them up.

Drink Goodness By DropKaffe

It’s summer and it’s hot. So, if you’re not up for a beer {or two}, perhaps yoghurt and oat smoothies from this delivery portal will woo you. Oh, and did we mention they’re doing cold coffee that they’re best known for too?

Mubeena Shariff Chocolatier

Ace chocolatier Mubeena Shariff has fattened us all up with sinfully divine Bons Bons and truffles. So you can only imagine the dream that the tarts – chocolate, lemon, caramel and crushed almond, will be. Throw in a chocolate mousse cake and wave goodbye to all your diets for the rest of the day.

Rêveur Luxury Chocolates

Lots of chocolate for us to eat, sang Audrey Hepburn, and she was right. From dark choclate to espresso to salted caramel and orange, there’s no point in counting how many pieces of truffle you’ll load up on here. We lose count {intentionally} after five! How many can you have?

The Bake Shop

Toblerone cookies, Twix brownies, Coffee and Old Monk cheesecake and Cookie Pizza, The Bakeshop is returning to Dessert Bazaar and how. Once you’ve indulged in all of the above, take home the super cute Cheesecake Jars for the family to enjoy. Or, y’know, you can enjoy…for dinner.

The Flying Squirrel

Everyone needs that hint of bitter, and what better way to get some bitter that with a hit of coffee in your dessert. We’re expecting their fresh coffee Crème Brulee in addition to shots of coffee to give us that extra energy we’ll need to eat more dessert!

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