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#LBBReadersChoice: Here's Everything You Loved In 2016

Aakanksha posted on 30th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

The sun is nearly setting on 2016 and in our first full year as LBB Bangalore, we’ve had a splendid time exploring, eating, shopping and finding awesome for you lovely people. Here’s what you folks have had the most fun discovering in 2016.


With the new year, came a new concept. And in true Bangalore style, the city went gaga over the first pay-per-minute café – The Minute Bistro. But as per usual, nostalgia is high, so you also went back to the comfort of the most iconic eateries in town, and naturally, like homing pigeons, eating in CBD was prime! Gah! Traffic.


The super quick Aunty Uma wowed you with her talent of tying a sari in 60 seconds, kudos One-Minute Uma. The top food trucks around town also reigned supreme in February. How many have you ticked off this list?


Oh how much excitement there was with the opening of make-up store Sephora. And to add to it, no one could resist shopping at the city’s top jewellery labels or even at good old Commercial Street!


Everyone was definitely in the army with our pick of Military Hotels. Who can resist some brain fry and biryani eh? It was also that time when everyone clearly felt lonely! We joke! But hey, you’re the ones who went gaga over the awesome communities to join in Bangalore – from cycling to the Arsenal Fan Club.


Oh Bangalore! How we love you. It’s all about food and when it’s not about food, it’s about escaping the city! So from food delivery start-ups that were your go-to lunch options to getaways to the coffee county to homestays in Chikamagalur, at least your priorities are on point!


This month gave us all #lifegoals. A private wildlife sanctuary right in Karnataka’s backyard? No way, but yes way! Pamela Malhotra and her husband, Anil K Malhotra gave everyone 55 acres of heaven to rejoice at, in the Brahmagiri hills. You also liked the challenge we took up: Shopping At UB City On A Budget. Did you accept this mission too?


With the rains hitting the city about not, staying out wasn’t much of an option. Luckily, the city is filled with cafes with great ambience where the good citizens chose to hideaway. A lot of you also fell in love with Rajasthani food joints across the city. Dal Bati Churma FTW!


After gorging on the food at the latest Andhra restaurant in town, Gunpowder, all you readers decided at it was finally time to get fit! And what better way to do that than sign up at gyms that cost less than INR 3,000 a month.


Such love you all have for the city, it’s amazing. Everyone loved exploring the history behind the names of Bangalore areas. Oh, and of course, budget shopping on the {in}famous JNC Road in Koramangala won your hearts too!


Wow fellow Bangaloreans. Pandals and pubs, what a charming combination, and one that we’d certainly expect. You brought on your Bong at these lovely Pandals to celebrate pujo and then went on to guzzle away at the top ten pubs that you’ve probably already spent too much money on! Cheers  to that!


You guys certainly love shopping! Be it some really quirky and upcycled stuff you can find at cutesy store Remade In India, or back to the old haunt of Commercial Street for a heavy dose of factory surplus shopping.


You sneaky folks, looking to heat things up this chilly December by scouting out the most romantic restaurants in Koramangala, eh? We’re not judging. Especially since you loved the beautiful terrace restaurant Café Azzure as much as we did too!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let us know what else you loved most in 2016. Tell us in the comments sections and we’ll reminisce together! Until next year…PEACE OUT!