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Come Join Us At #NeverDone With adidas And LBB

Aakanksha posted on 13 February

What Is It?

We understand that with work, responsibilities and a thriving social life getting in the way, getting in a workout is tough. And we know finding time to keep yourself healthy and active might not be top priority. That is exactly where adidas and LBB come in to save the day with a cool afternoon workout, a dose of inspiration on staying fit, and how to hop on the health brigade. Intrigued? Wait, it gets better!

With only limited spots up for grabs, this one will ease you into a healthier lifestyle. We're all about doing things differently. So if you are passionate about going beyond the ordinary and would like to join other like-minded women, you're at the right place. 

Who Is It For?

It's certainly not for men. So fellows, read on, but you're not invited! Hah! Women, it's our time to get in a fun surprise workout. We promise an atmosphere where you'll actually start to think of taking a turn up the fitness path. Need that extra nudge to start working out or to eat right? There will be trainers and folks who've really worked hard at making fitness their lifestyle, and there will no dearth of anecdotes or advice. So, come on over, lovelies.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Because, you'll get to hangout with the awesome adidas and LBB crew. But we really need to start prioritising ourselves. After all, there's no excuse for not having a healthy lifestyle and fit body. No matter what! So start small and slow at this event. Oh, and apart from a fun and energisingZumba session, there'll be a hair braiding expert too. So, learn how to make the cool sporty braids which hockey players and tennis stars sport, or the super sexy box braids most volley ball teams showed off at the Rio Olympics.

That's not all! What? You thought we'd send you home hungry? Never! There will also be some nibbles and drinks at the end of the event to help you get energised. And while you munch, you're sure to end up making new friends with whom you can make your next fitness plan.

Excited? Well sign up now.