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#LBBGiveaway: Name A Classic Food Match And Mayo Win A Meal Voucher From Dunkin'!

Nikita posted on 28 April

What Is It?

What’s classic never dies! Especially mouth-watering mayo burgers on a crispy bun – and Dunkin’ has just that! The big joy mayo burger is a true treat for all burger lovers – with lettuce, classic patty and lots of creamy mayo for an unforgettable bite!  Want to get your hands on this super delish awesomeness? Participate in our giveaway and 25 LBB readers can win a meal voucher to try their all new and big joy burgers!

Who Is It For?

If burgers are your go-to snack or favourite meal option – you can’t afford to miss this opportunity! A classic offering that will satiate those hunger pangs, especially made with delectable mint mayo. How can anyone say no?

So, How Mayo Win This Voucher?

This is the easiest challenge you’re going to take up. Tell us about a food match made in heaven {just like yummy mayo with a crisp patty in a burger}, cross your fingers, twist your toes and await our call.

Challenge accepted?

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