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Crab Hunting Or Surfing: Learn A New Skill When Holidaying In Goa

Any chance us Bangaloreans get, we head to Goa. “Oh, you’re free this evening? Great, let’s Go Goa!” is quite a common thing, eh! OK, we exaggerate a bit but you know it’s a favourite. But when you’re done with sunbathing at Baga, lounging at Little Vagator and eating at Ashvem. Ah ha, let us enlighten you. Why not return from your holiday with a newly-learned skill? After all, there’s no such thing as too many skills. From learning to make the divine Xacuti to crab hunting, here’s what you can master while on holiday.

Learn To Cook Xacuti

How we all return from Goa loaded up on Xacuti, Cafreal and Sorpotel, but still crave it for many a day. Simply solve that problem by signing up for classes at the Siolim House. Get a hands-on experience here by even making an early morning trip to the fish market to buy your own fresh catch. Aunty Jane and Aunty Lourdes will be in charge of the kitchens, and by the end of it, you’ll be a pro {well, almost} at the likes of Sorpotel, Xacuti, Cafreal, beef fry, Fish Caldinha, Goan fish curry and even the crab Xec Xec, Vegetarians, there’s lots you can learn too. The best part is that you can eat what you and your fellow students have learned, and for an extra charge, your peeps can also partake of the feast.

Price: INR 2,500

Timings: 9.30am to after lunch

Register for the cooking lesson here.

Trap A Crab {Then Eat It}

OK, maybe it’s a bit harsh to go chasing the poor crab only for them to turn into some delicious supper. But hey, it’s the circle of life and all that! At the Blue Bulb you get down and dirty. You’ll learn how to set up the cobllem {the Konkan word for crab traps} when the tides are high, and then voila, by the time you’ve lounged around, sipped on two beers, the low tide brings with it plenty of crustaceans to be grilled to perfection.

Price: INR 1,599 for adults and INR 999 for kids.

Timings: 3pm-7pm

Sign-up for the session here.

Ride The Waves

We’ve had enough of just lying on the sidelines, so on one of your myriad trips to the sunny coast, why not jump in on the actions and ride the waves. Gentle and not as intimidating as the opposite coast, the shores of Goa are great for beginners. The Banana Surf School uses only Robi Hendra’s customised surfboards to make it easy for beginners as these fibreglass ones are lighter. The courses {a quick two-hour one or the more professional three and five day courses} include theory, learning to paddle and of course, riding the waves – good luck mastering the art of standing on the board in the two-hour course!

Price: INR 4,500 upwards

Sign-up for classes here.

Licensed To Dive

Yes the Andamans and Lakshadweep are great, but the waters over in good old Goa are so warm and soothing, how can you not want to explore the underwater world here! If you want to learn the basics, their two-day certification is great. But should you have time, then their four-day open water course will sort you out for life. Licensed by PADI {Professional Association of Diving Instructors}, most of the dives range between 10 and 15 metres — enough to set eyes on the beautiful marine life including corals. We do also love this spot as there’s a few shipwrecks to explore too. The season’s just begun, so what are you waiting for?

Price: INR 16,000 upwards

Sign-up for a course here.

Community Groups

Dive Goa


SinQ Beach Club, Opp. Taj Holiday Village, Candolim, Goa


Become A Pro-Artiste

Next time you swing by the Museum of Goa in Pilerne, don’t just go for the exhibitions and for Om Made Café. Go ahead and learn something new at their cool art classes. From pottery and drawing to 3D design and foundational painting, you could put your name in for a minimum of five sessions, or go all out for 30 classes. There’s even art courses for kids. Really want to get serious? They even have a residency program you can enrol in.

Price: INR 300 upwards a class.

Check out the website and register here.

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