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Let Your Palate Take a World Tour In This New Restaurant In Bangalore!

    The Atlas World Cafe at Vividus Hotel nestled in the bustling area of Gandhi Nagar is known for its global menu, as evident from the name of the cafe. This flagship restaurant/cafe has sleek interiors which are soothing on the eyes and compliment the wide spread menu. Head over to Atlas World Cafe and experience a feeling of just having travelled the world, seated in one place! 

    What’s on the Menu?

    Atlas World Cafe is known for its stellar menu and buffet options that span 6 courses with salads, soups, main course, starters, and so much more that are a delight for your palate and soul! 

    Cream of Broccoli, Lahori Chicken Tikka, Schezuan fish, Greek Salad, Banjara Tikka Salad, Salmon Sashimi Pizza, Coffee Butter Lamb With Charred Veg Aioli are just some of their stellar dishes! Their buffet is to die for, take it from us, making you go into a foodcoma. For those who are on a mission to eat healthy, Atlas World Cafe ensures they are also satisfied with a section in the menu ‘Don’t Diet, Just Eat Healthy!’. This section has a wide variety of vegetables, different types of meat along with a selection of dressing to make it into a perfect meal. A good meal always consists of a good cocktail/drink to go with. Atlas World Cafe ensures that the area has also been justified to the fullest. 

    So, We’re Saying…

    Tired of the same old dishes and want to be a little experimental? Atlas World Cafe is a stunner of a restaurant/cafe which has managed to get its menu completely on point. They’ve adapted the recipes to suit all preferences and the whole experience is nothing short of thrilling and exciting. Head over there now!