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Let's Drink! The Great Indian Pub Crawl Is Now In Your City

Mary posted on 07 February

What Is It?

It is quite tragic that despite all the technology advancements, we still haven't found a cure for mid-week blues. So until we do, we think the best solution would be to drink up. And to make that easier, The Great Indian Pub Crawl promises a crazy and drunken bar hopping with proper structure and meaning — that means tons of free drinks {I mean, duh!}.

Visit the slickest pubs packed with people who really know what partying hard means. They have some amazing offers so we promise that you will happily be going hic hic hurray!

  • Who Is It For?

The event is for anyone and everyone. {Above the age of 25, of course}

Why Should I Go For It?

The Great Indian Pub Crawl for the night includes a visit to three real chill venues with free entry to all of them.The first hour will comprise unlimited alcohol at g77 Café , the starting point of the crawl. There will be free signature cocktail/beer at the second and third stop, which will take place at 100 FT Boutique Bar Restaurant and Bottle & Glass . 

That's not all, you will also get a morning fresh drink, courtesy Morning Fresh so you can say goodbye to all those dreaded hangover. Also, you’ll end up making new friends for your next weekend party. Cocktails, new friends, music and a party, what are you waiting for? Get your ticket already!

Buy your tickets here.

When: February 8

Where: Indiranagar

This article is in partnership with The Great Indian Pub Crawl.