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Meet, Greet and Certainly Eat at Likemind's Culinary Meet-Ups

Aakanksha posted on 26 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Friends, food and fond memories. Why would you not want to be part of a event?

Gather round

Started by Apratim Buragohain, Monika Manchanda, and Caroline Mendez, Likemind is eponymously all about meeting likeminded people. And what better way than to lure them with food! Currently, a curated series of events mostly centred around a dining table, you can join in these friends and listen to their tales which range from getting into the gory details of how to make the perfect beef cutlet and visiting the most interesting restaurant in London, finding spices in Shillong and laughing out loud about the same jokes they’ve told for years. Sounds ace doesn’t it?

All about bon homie

While they will have friends they’ve known and are super interesting, you will bring your own tales of adventure and charm to the table {literally, even}. So if you choose to be a ‘guest’, then sign-up for any of their events {it’s all on the website and you can pick a date, location or perhaps a cuisine which you’d like to take a shot at} which are curated by them. To make sure it’s a good atmosphere, the host will approve of the request. But unless you’re most-wanted, you won’t be refused. Alternatively, turn host and be the person who in collaboration with the folks of Likemind, will create a warm and exclusive setting, and a menu that will knock the socks off your guests.

Give it a shot

So forget those boring resolutions and make sure that making new friends and eating your way through 2016 is top priority. Upcoming events include Tamil Brahmin Sappaddu, a Coorg feast, Parsi adventures and a trip to Travancore on your platter! Check out the entire list here. And who knows, you may meet your future BFF right here at one of these events. After all, you can’t make old friends.

Contact: +91 9686123451

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.