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From Grilled Cheese To Fried Chicken, Sly Granny Is Ringing In The Fourth Of July With American Treats

Suzanna posted on 04 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

It’s the fourth of July, the day that marks a free America. And to celebrate, Sly Granny is adding some limited edition American classics to their menu. We tried some of this deliciousness and here’s what we thought.

Granny's Americana

From grilled cheese to bucketfuls of fried chicken, we tried all of this yum and we have to say that Granny’s Americana would do Uncle Sam proud. We started things off with their Fry Bread, which was just as delicious as you would expect fried bread to be. With generous toppings of refried beans, salsa with a hint of mango and sour cream, this one ticks all of the flavour boxes. Just when we thought we couldn’t love mac and cheese any more, they brought out their crumb-fried Mac and Cheese with dollops of tomato and jalapeño jam, that made us fall deeper in love with this cheesy treat. Moving on to their Grilled Cheese, this one was given a sweet spin by sandwiching their brie and caramelised onions between two slices of chocolate cherry challah {which is white leavened bread, traditionally baked on the Jewish sabbath} giving it a sweetness we very much enjoyed.

Meat Of The Matter

For all you meat lovers, we tried some of their Sly FC, which is a Southern style buttermilk fried chicken that hit all the right spots with it’s maple thyme drizzle and hot sauce. Exciting bites like Pastrami Tacos also have a place on the menu. Filled with homemade pork rib pastrami cured to perfection and butter pickles and mustard, these make for an interesting bite. Their Shrimp Po’boy is another one of our favourites on the menu as this open-faced corn bread sandwich, slathered with spicy mayo, has a generous serving of crispy fried shrimp and a side of cajun dusted sweet potato chips that come along with it which puts all of our seafood cravings to rest.

What's For Dessert?

Wrapping things up on a sweet note, we tried the desserts on this menu that also paid homage to American classics. Their PB&J, is a soft jam-filled doughnut with a peanut butter glaze and bits of candied bacon on top. Now if the description alone wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, we’re not sure we have any words that will. We also tried the Meringue Pie, with lavish fillings of citrus curd that had a light and lemony taste we’re loving. This is the dessert for all of you who don’t like their dessert sickeningly sweet and want to skip the whole chocolate drill. Apart from these, the menu also had Banana Cream Pies with banana custard, dulce de leche, an oreo crust and whipped cream {must we go on?}.

Prices start at INR 229 and go up to INR 449. The Americana menu will be available all through the week up until Friday, July 7. So hurry up and catch Granny’s Americana soon.


There will be a live band strumming some country tunes on Wednesday, July 5. Follow their Facebook page here to find out more.

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