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Like It Cheesy? Here's Our Pick Of Local, Farm-Fresh Cheeses You Have To Try


    A band of cheeseries, in and around Bangalore, are out to convince us that the art of cheesemaking is no longer confined to the Italians and the French. And they are doing a fine job at it too. Soft and hard, creamy and aged, stringy and herb-infused – farms and dairies close to home are delivering them all. LBB ‘wheys’ in on local cheeses that are worth a try. Here is a list of all famous and local cheeseries that deliver artisan cheeses in the city. 


    Father KL Michael, a priest from the Vallombrosan Benedictine Congregation, has come to be known as the monk who makes cheese. After learning the craft during his 8-year stay in Italy, Father Michael to set up a cheese factory at the monastery with the help of fellow monks. Today, using batches of fresh buffalo milk, the monastery produces in mozzarella, burrata, bocconcini, ricotta, and caciotta. Enquire with them on LBB's 'Enquire Now' to place your orders.

    Millie’s Vegan Cheese

    From her home in Benson Town, Millie Mitra makes vegan cheese from cashew and tofu under her banner of Millie's Vegan Cheese. They have hard crumbly cheese wheels and creamy spreads, packed in jars. They come in plain or salted cashew versions while the cashew and tofu combo comes in herbed and garlic avatars. This has to be the best way to enjoy the delicious creaminess of cheese without worrying about clogged arteries, we think. 

    Angelo Vegan Cheese

    Yes, cheese is inclusive and since it binds people, why should those of your vegan friends be left out? Angelo Vegan Cheese is owned by a vegan and they're known for their perfect faux Mozzarella, plain or flavoured with truffle oil, their cheeses come in glass jars and are balls doused in a herb and garlic olive oil. They even have a powdered vegan parmesan that you can sprinkle over your pastas and risottos. Call them and place your orders or you can even check out their social media for more details.

    Begum Victoria

    A symbol of remembrance to the erstwhile queen of England and the area in Bengaluru where its cheeses are cultured, we love their Brie, Cheddar and Fontina cheeses, all made fresh in their own temperature and humidity-controlled cheese cave in Bengaluru. They have vaccinated in-house staff that delivers cheese to your doorstep. They also have a new Chilli Cheese Sauce that is made with a blend of cheeses. Ideal for pastas and just for spreading in them sandwiches. Read more about them here.

    Le Cheesery

    Le Cheesery

    Available Online

    These guys are known for their fresh Mozzarella, Cream Cheese and Bocconcini in flavoured and plain versions. If you want to smear them over bread, biscuit or toast, or maybe just use them for pizzas, lasagnas and desserts, their cheeses should be what you're after. Their cheeses are not adulterated and processed, rather, these are made using traditional cheesemaking techniques so that you get only the best authentic products. We love their Garlic and Herbs Cream Cheese and their sweet Cinnamon and Brown Sugar infused one. Read more about them here



    Available Online

    These guys have their own line of goat milk cheeses produced and sold here in Bengaluru. Their goats feed only on organically grown plants and are left free to roam and graze in their farmlands, making them happier and your cheese, tastier. They primarily sell goat cheese, plain and flavoured. Our favourites include the Garlic Chevre and even the Cracked Black Pepper Chevre. Order their cheeses from their website.

    Local Ferment Co.

    Known mainly for their breads and kombuchas, Local Ferment Co. also has a nice array of cheeses, interesting variants include Camembert, Ricotta and even aged cheeses like Pepper Jack and Zarai cheese. You can opt for these in their original or herbed forms. Their cheeses are made meticulously and aged in their own caves by cheesemakers who devote every ounce of focus and expertise to the process just so every bite is one of finesse. 

    Nature's Basket

    Nature' Basket, more like nature's bounties because of a substantial collection of artisan food and supplies. Whilst the focus is solely on cheeses, we would like to bring to your notice that their feta is oh so fresh! Many local and popular vendors supply their fresh produce to these guys and we must say, you will be spoilt for choice here. Gouda, Feta and Cream Cheese, period. You can order from their stores online here

    Big Basket

    Big Basket

    Available Online

    Big Basket as a grocery store company has made major inroads into the market with its extensive network and customer-friendly experience. This is for all of you starting out to be cheese conoisseurs. They primarily have Mozzarella, grated Parmesan and Feta but you can also get Gouda, Pepper Jack and Cream Cheese. For a casual cheesy experience, try out the many cheese spreads on offer apart from the brands that do processed cheese. 


    Foodhall is a mega store, a repository of all things gourmet and we love it for the selection of cheeses they house. You name the cheese, be it fresh or aged, they have it. We love their collection of cheeses such as their fresh Mozzarella, Cheddar and their Gruyere as well. On occasion of World Cheese Day, it would be prudent to get their Classic Cheese Box that comes with Bocconcini, Red Leicester, Pepper Jack and even a pistachio and truffle cream cheese along with other anti-pasti. 


    It'd be a sin if this illustrious list didn't have a reference to wine. To not commit, here is a list of homegrown wines, just like the cheeses and if you're on a budget, here are wines for under INR 2,000 that you can pair with your cheeses.