Malvika Vaswani’s New Collection Is A Geometric Mosaic Of Stained Glass


    The Scoop

    Jewellery designer Malvika Vaswani’s out with her Autumn Winter ’16 collection called Salt. In keeping with the brand’s experimental and unconventional use of materials, Salt is here to offer you something rather inspired.

    The Style

    Have you seen those stunning stained glass windows often found in churches and chapels? Those were created by adding metallic salts to the glass during its manufacturing to give it that characteristic, vibrant swirl of colour. The same technique {which was used vastly during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods} is used in the creation of this line of jewellery as well.

    These coloured pieces of glass are then encased in metal and geometrically assembled together to form something different from the usual.

    What We Love

    We love that the brand has taken inspiration from two influential art forms, and feel that even those with very little to no knowledge of art forms {like us} can appreciate these designs after a rudimentary search on Google.

    Their long pendant neckpieces and dangling earrings are worth giving a try.

    Who Is It For?

    This is great for women who love clean designs in their jewellery {nothing too chunky and over-the-top} and want something different from the same-ol’ semi-precious stones. We can see these pieces pairing really well with western attire—think long cocktail dresses and pantsuits!

    Where: Buy the collection here and here

    Price: INR 2,200 upwards