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Hefeweizen And Chocolate Stout: The Massive Restaurants Brewery, UB City Is Good News For Your Beer Belly

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore


    Beer lovers in the city have another reason to rejoice! Massive Restaurants has started off their very own brewery. Glug down Hefeweizens, Chocolate Stouts, and Masala Saisons.

    Cheers To Beer

    The folks who own Farzi Cafe have now ventured into the brewery space and have started a snazzy one in UB City called the Massive Restaurants Brewery. They plan to open the brewery across cities, and, of course being the beer capital of the country – Bangalore has been chosen for their first outlet. 

    Just as they launched, they invited us for a tasting of their beers. First up was the Hefeweizen — a pale, German-style wheat beer. It’s a fresh drink and has just a hint of bitterness so perfect for those of you who like their ales to be light. The Indian Pale Ale {IPA} takes things up a notch. It comes with a thick head of foam and just a hint of fruitiness.

    Happy High

    When you are looking for that happy high, however, we recommend the Masala Saison — loaded with spices and citrus notes — this beer is pretty potent. While not available as of now, the Chocolate Stout is definitely worth a try when it’s on tap in the near future. Apart from the chocolaty tones, it’s got a lovely hit of coffee and vanilla to it. If you like your beer loaded with flavour, this is the one to sign up for.

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore