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Khao Suey, Indian Chinese And Fish Curry From Meal Diaries

Amrita posted on 10th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

A new food delivery service ensures that the food sent to your doorstep or workspace goes beyond the usual greasy curries and plastic-tasting fare.

Meal Diaries

With a daily-changing menu and a central kitchen manned by experienced chefs {so claims the press note}, Meal Diaries is an online food delivery service {started in October 2015}, targeted at well-travelled, urban Indians who love their rajma chawalas much as their pasta Puttanesca. Select from their range of offerings such as main meals {Ajwaini Fish Curry Meal}, global eats {Veggie Sri Lankan Curry with Steamed Rice or Chicken Khao Suey}, small plates {Chilli Chicken Pita Pockets, Chicken Frankie} and fresh salads {Chicken Glass Noodle Salad}. Meal Diaries offers deliveries in 30-minute, 40-minute and 60-minute time slots. And once you pay for your food online or with the cash-on-delivery mode, your meal is available to you within your chosen time slot.

Taste Test

We tried a bunch of main and small meals, and lived to tell the tale. Our instant favourite was the hearty Burmese Chicken Khow Suey, a dish we have never seen anyone delivering before {in the online food delivery category at least}. The Khao Suey was a generous {two people can share one portion} bowl of noodles, chunks of juicy chicken, all dunked in a fragrant coconut-milk broth flavoured with kaffir lime leaves. We topped our bowls with some fresh coriander, fried noodles and a dash of lime. The Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce meal was a regular, but tasty Indian-Chinese fare with a vegetarian fried rice, mushrooms and bell pepper cooked in a spicy back sauce. While the Imli Macchi didn’t really have any tamarind {also can online food delivery services please stop offering Basa as the pescatarian option?}, it was rather delicious, cooked in a spicy Indian-style gravy and went well with their corn pulao.

From the small-plates section, we tried the Chilli Chicken Pita Pockets and also one stuffed with onion bhajias. While the Chilli Chicken was an interesting filling for the pita pockets that also came with lettuce and a Chinese sauce, the bhajias had gone a bit soggy by the time they reached us.

So, we’re thinking…

More than the Indian main meals, we’d say stick to their global offerings. We especially love the Khao Suey and would recommend this meal-in-a-bowl in a heartbeat.

Price: INR 80 upwards

Check out their website here to order online.

Find them on Facebook here

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