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Dress Like A CEO On The Budget Of An Executive

Chandni posted on 20 August

Who needs expensive things when you can get yourself to look like a CEO with things that don’t break the bank? Of course, when you get rich and famous, or if you already are, then this isn’t for you. You know what they say about dressing for the job you want and not for the one you have, right? Well, we’re just about to make your life simple.

Basic Regular Fit- White Shirt

Nothing means business like the white of your shirt. Put on a crisp one to play it safe, make a mark and win the game.

Brand: Koutons Outlaw

Price: INR 296

Buy it online here.

Formal Brogues

Depending on the colour of your outfit, pick a pair of brogues in tan or black. We really really love these!

Brand: FBT

Price: INR 999

Buy it online here.

Printed Necktie

This necktie in a basic dotted print is neither over the top nor too understated. It doesn’t seek attention and it doesn’t undermine your personality either. It’s just about right.

Brand: Koovs

Price: INR 120

Buy it online here.

Reversible Formal Belt

There’s nothing as stunning as a basic black belt. It’s around your waist because it needs to be there.

Brand: Amazon

Price: INR 279

Buy it online here.

Silver And Blue Metal Cuff Links

We love the minimal design of these cuff links. They’re square, silver and have lines that couldn’t be more clean.

Brand: Alvaro Castagnino

Price: INR 699

Buy it online here.

Black Formal Blazer

This single-breasted blazer can be worn for literally any formal occasion. From weddings to board meetings, this can be your go-to essential when all else fails. Plus so rad!

Brand: ManQ

Price: INR 1,750

Buy it online here.