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A Month Of Mouth-Watering Mexican Madness At Foodhall

Editors posted on 22 April

Known for their regular food festivals and monthly celebrations, Foodhall is at it again. This time they bring us an entire month of delectable, heady food with a Mexican Food Festival.

A Sweet Surprise


To most people Mexican food is all beans and rice. To dispel that myth, and show the range of food available in the cuisine, Foodhall will serve not only savoury dishes, but a selection of sweets as well. You can bite into the Coca de Crema, a puff pastry with cream, or try your hand at freshly fried Churros with a chocolate dipping sauce.

If that is not to your taste there's always the Spanish Flan, and the Tres Leches milk cake.

Learn The Mexican Way


You will find Foodhall’s famous demo counters at the festival. The three counters will showcase the cooking of fresh plantain chips {which are delicious, by the way}, a beverage counter {for Sangrita and Agua de Tamarindo}, and a recipe counter for four authentic Mexican dishes.

There will be a live counter for burritos; expect Veggie Mole and Chimmichurri Chicken burritos plus Portabello and Black Bean and Pulled Lamb Tortas. If you’re looking for something leafier, you can hit the live salad counter and get some Elotes and Taco Salad.

Checking Off Your {Shopping} List


To help you cook your own scrumptious Mexican meals at home, Foodhall has stocked their stores with all the tough-to-find ingredients you will need. You can get purple corn, avocados, tomatillos and tomatoes, a variety of fresh chillies, limes and lemons. There will also be chia sees, acai berries, and quinoa from Peru. You can also pick up a host of spices, chillies and seasonings {vital for any Mexican chef}, available from a series of known brands.

When: April 7 – May 7

Where: For a complete list of stores, click here.

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This story is in partnership with Foodhall.