Going by the cloudy skies, cool evenings and the frequent showers, the monsoon has definitely arrived! While we might resent getting stuck in traffic and having our plans ruined, the season has its perks, too. Perfect time to gladly indulge in endless cups of chai and snacks, no? And if just the mention of it has got you peckish, don’t worry. Whether it is monsoon specials at restaurants across town or food that can be paired with tea, we’ve got them all right here. Want to check out more chai stops in town? Then read here.

Desi Snacks And Chai, The Open Box


Nothing like some good old snacks to munch on while it’s pouring outside, right? That’s just what The Open Box has on offer with their monsoon menu. Think Corn and Batata Tikkis {corn and onion fritters, served along with date chutney and sev} and Dal Bhajiya. Looking for something more? Tuck into their Parsi Baba Special — masala aloo and methi puffs served with grilled red chilli and roasted tomato chutney. And, the best part? All these nibbles come with a cup of The Open Box Masala Chai and Khari biscuits!

When: On till Friday, September 30

Monsoon Specials, Bakasur


While Bakasur‘s sumptuous buffet offers enough and more to beat those rainy day blues, they now have a few monsoon specials to add to the spread. Make most of the season and pick from their recently introduced steaming hot, Dimsums or Tawa Fry seer fish and pair it up with a cup of Suleimani Chai. If that doesn’t quite do the trick, there’s always the array of dishes including salads, kebabs, curries and desserts.

When: On till Monday, August 1

Pakoda With Chai, Imli

We could never say no to the hot, crunchy pakodas here. Available in aloo, bread, gobi, paneer, and onion versions, these make for great snacks, especially on those days with a slight nip in the air. Pick the top floor seating, from where you can happily look out at the rain while you sip on some masala chai and bite into yummy pakodas.

15 Days Of Frydays At MonkeyBar


Craving some comfort food on a cool, rainy day? Head to MoBar and you might just find everything you’re longing to eat. From Poutine {fries topped with Cheddar cheese, gravy, caramelised onions and some extra bits of bacon even!} and Chicken Chettinad Samosa to Stuffed Mushrooms and Deep Fried Dumplings {forget the calorie counting!}, Monkey Bar’s special menu for the season is bound to spoil you for choice. While you might not find chai on the menu here, they do have some fun cocktails to go with your nibbles.

When: Friday July 22 to Friday August 5

Scones And Tea, Infinitea

What’s not to love about the crumbly English scones at Infinitea? Served with cream and blueberry jam, these are not too sweet and are best paired with a tea of your choice. And, with the downpour outside, it might just make you feel like you’re in England!

Monsoon Specials, SodaBottleOpenerwala

SodaBottleOpenerwala is going all out to welcome the monsoon with platefuls of Kanda Bhajji {onion pakodas} to dig into and cups of Irani Chai to sip on. If that doesn’t please you enough, try their crunchy Kolmi Fry and you won’t be disappointed.

Soup & Dimsum Festival, Hunan


Going beyond their regular Chinese fare, Hunan dishes out an array of soups and dimsums, specially created for the season. Whether it’s the Chicken Meatballs with Prawns Wonton Soup or the Burmese Khow Suey, you have quite a selection of soups along with dimsums like Truffle Scented Edamame Dumplings and Pork Flower Dumplings. While you’re at it, go ahead and try the Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls or the Steamed Chicken Bao too.

When: On till Monday, August 15

Samosa And Chai, Kitchen Of Joy

Photo Source: The Kitchen of Joy

Photo Source: The Kitchen of Joy

It’s not just Bengali specials like Luchi with Alu Dum or Mutton Kosha that you’ll get at this humble eatery. Along with other short eats, they also serve Shingaras {the Bengali version of the snack}. Perfect for that rainy day when you crave for a piping hot cup of chai and crispy samosas to go with it!

Vada And Chai, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

While Brahmin’s Coffee Bar might not necessarily be known for its tea, it does go well with their vadas. Crispy on the outside and soft inside {with tiny coconut chunks too}, the vadas here come with a generous ladling of their famous chutney. Sip on a glass of their strong chai while you enjoy the crunchy vada, and that makes for a perfect rainy day recipe, we think.

Maggi and Chai, Chaipatty

Photo Source: Devang Singh Thukral

Photo Source: Devang Singh Thukral

If you think nothing quite says comfort food on a drizzly day like good old Maggi, then this one’s for you. The first in Bangalore to start serving Maggi in a cafe, Chaipatty’s versions of our favourite instant noodles include plain, veg, egg and chicken, along with an Exotica option {for an additional amount}. Make sure you also order a Kullad Chai to go with it.

Victorian Sponge Cake With Tea, Cafe Marzipan

Said to be a regular tea accompaniment of Queen Victoria {you’re in royal company here!}, the light and buttery Victoria Sponge Cake {also known as Victoria Sandwich} at Cafe Marzipan makes for a great treat on rainy days, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Just the thought of the rich cream and strawberry jam sandwiched between the slice has us craving for it! While the cafe has a great ambience and a choice of masala tea or green tea, we suggest you pack the cake and unwind at home with some Darjeeling tea and a great book, perhaps {with the rain in the backdrop, of course}.

Feature Photo: Monkey Bar