Thai Curry To Harissa: This Local Brand Bottles Fresh Spices And Pastes From Across The Globe


Specialising in Thai pastes and Middle Eastern spices, Mortars and Pestles packs a punch with its fresh, preservative-free offerings. You can order up Thai Curry Pastes, Harissa, Preserved Lemons, Shawarma Paste and what not.

Bottles Of Awesome!

Deepa Chauhan was never a big fan of the spice mixes and pastes that lined supermarket shelves. Not only were they loaded with preservatives, but the package instructions always demanded the addition of exotic, fresh ingredients that weren’t easily available. So she started making her own Thai curry pastes at home. But her hobby only became a business, when she got stuck with a huge load of fresh ingredients and had to distribute her flavourful pastes among neighbours and friends. She soon started supplying to local caterers and cafes as well. That was about three years ago. Today, Chauhan is taking Mortars and Pestles to the next level. And the brand offers a range of fresh and frozen pastes. There’s the Thai Yellow and Green Curry pastes. You can also source Tom Kha, Tom Yum and Chilli Basil Stir Fry pastes as well. Prices for these begin at INR 150 for 100 grams.

Spice Souk

Chauhan also bottles up Middle Eastern spice mixes and pastes. Using similar, local ingredients, she churns out Harissa paste {INR 300 for 200 grams}, Za’atar, Toum, and Shawarma pastes. She’s also one of the only brands to retail Middle Eastern pickles {INR 125 for 200 grams}, pomegranate molasses and preserved lemons. You can order for her products through Whatsapp {+91 9535718181}. And get them delivered through Dunzo. However, do note that many of these products depend on seasonal produce and they might not be in stock all the time.