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Rock Vibes, Beer And Chicken Wings: So Much To Love About Mother Cluckers

Ten Second Takeaway

Head to Mother Cluckers if you’re craving a good ol’ beer, some fiery appetisers and a chill atmosphere, where you can kick back and unwind after a stressful day!

Chow Down

Chicken wings, bacon wrapped sausages, peri-peri chicken steak

Sip On

Beer, of course! Or one of their cocktail pitchers like the Masala Mojito

Winning For

Chill vibes, spicy wings and good music.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Mother Cluckers is a pretty laid back bar — you can expect dim lighting and music loud enough to drown out any awkwardness, but not so loud that conversation is impossible. If you’re just there with a friend or two, they have some smaller tables at the back, but overall the bar is quite small so we much prefer the larger booths towards the front. There’s also bar seating, so you have plenty of options to pick from!

What’s On The Menu

Since Mother Cluckers is more of a bar, we decided to try our some food that would go well with our beer, so think spicy, meaty and absolutely delicious. We decided to start with the chicken wings topped off with the bar’s famous A.B.S. {ass burning sauce, if you didn’t know!}, bacon wrapped sausages and a peri-peri chicken steak to round it all off.

The wings were quite meaty, and the sauce was so spicy we kept downing more beer to stop our mouths from disintegrating, but it hurt so good. We highly recommend A.B.S., but only if you’re feeling brave! The bacon wrapped sausages, as expected, were super meaty and a bit heavy but absolutely divine — they might work better with cocktails, because after a pint or two of beer, we were stuffed! The peri-peri chicken steak was quite tender, and although it was tasty we wished it was a bit more spicy.

So We’re Thinking...

Great for old Bangalore feels, our only complaint was how sweet the cocktails were. But the food, beer and atmosphere more than made up for that minor issue.