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This Mother's Day, Share The Story Of How Your Mom Inspired You To Be #FitToFight

Abhijeet posted on 12 May

Behind every successful person, there’s a woman. And that woman is a mother. She is stubborn in her love, resolute in her defense and unfailing in her belief that we can reach for the stars and actually grab them. She inspires us to be #FitToFight.

Agree? Here’s What You Gotta Do

This Mother’s Day, we are asking you to share with us the story of how your Mum inspired you. The sacrifices she made so you can be successful and happy. This year, all you have to do is go down memory lane and pick one, or two or as many stories as you can find, and share it with the world.

If you need some motivation, here’s a video of Harsha, Daughter of Geeta Tondon, professional stunt women in Bollywood, celebrating her mother.


Awesome, How Can I Share?

All you have to do is go on to, click on share your story {you can sign in via Facebook} and post your inspiring tale.

In case you still aren’t convinced, here’s a short video that tells us how inspiration is very often, found very close to home.


So, are you in? Start sharing people and let your mom know that you are #FitToFight because of her.