Martini Or Midday Negroni: Mr Jerry's Cocktails Are As Easy As Open, Pour, Drink


    What Makes It Awesome

    Want a Midday Negroni? You've got it? Oh, you're Old Fashioned? Got that too! Thank Mr Jerry's Cocktails for their six fantastic ready-to-serve cocktails, that are delicious, and as easy as open, pour, drink! Launched by Blue Ocean Beverages and Countertop India, and naturally based out of Goa, the brand is named for Jerry P. Thomas - the Father Of American Mixology. Since Countertop India is helmed by Arijit Bose and Pankaj Balachandran, two of the best-known folks in the bartending, mixology and beverage space, the cocktails are on point and we tried and tested it to make sure. 

    I tried the limited edition Midday Negroni, promptly at midday. It was refreshing and exactly as served at the bar with no ingredients held back, least of all the gin. With just the right amount of vermouth and bitters I could easily have won mixologist of the day had my family not ratted me out. Other flavours include Jerry’s Long Island Ice Tea with gin, vodka, rum, agave spirit, orange curacao and lime, Jerry’s Old Fashioned with a smokey scotch whiskey, and pick me up Espresso Martini with a solid shot of vodka, strong coffee and coffee liquer. There's also Mai Tai, and if you're having a garden party try the Cucumber & Elderflower Fizz which has gin, green tea, lime, lemon, elderflower syrup and of course, cucumber.

    All you need to do is put the bottles in the fridge, and either pour over ice, add in cola or soda, and voila! All the pre-made cocktails come in 500ml bottles and are good for about five drinks each. On a day you want to rage, drink it straight out of the bottle, and we won't tell anyone!