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Framed Forever: This Personalised Gifting Service Supports Emerging Artists Too!

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever since taking pictures turned as easy as pressing a button anytime, anywhere, we have sought after different mediums to immortalise special memories. Sure a picture on a phone is nice, but just a picture on a wall of the "many of firsts" won't do it anymore. Which is why commission art exists and so do the talented artists who create these extremely personal, unique pieces of art for us to hold dear and display in all its glory!

All that My Art Bucket does is give you easy and more streamlined access to commissioning art any time you'd like. This e-gifting service works with emerging local artists directly. All you have to do is log onto their website and pick a medium of choice -- digital portraits, pencil drawings, caricatures or oil paintings. Then it's just a matter of sharing, remember those pictures on your phone? Those. These are entirely customisable and the My Art Bucket website also displays stages of how different mediums are completed in detail.

The artists they work with specialise in portraits, sketches and wedding invites but they will gladly accommodate abstract or non-human related art. You also get to pick the paper this can be painted or printed on and the frames. You can also buy these as soft prints. Note that the prices vary based on the pieces of art and that a 60% advance payment is mandatory. For better buyer experience, the team will also share a picture of your painting/prints on WhatsApp before dispatch. 


It takes anywhere between 7 to 20 days to dispatch an order. In case you want something urgent, WhatsApp and they may accommodate. My Art Bucket has also introduced a section of handmade accessories for dogs. These include bandanas, bowties and hair clips made with cloth and foam fabric. These can be personalised in colour and size too!