Ten-second takeaway

The new Bengali eatery in Koramangala offers Kolkata street favourites such as rolls, chops, cutlets and jhal moori. Plus, sandesh momos too!

Snack that

Adding itself to Koramangala’s ever growing roster of eateries {two to every building we think}, Namma Calcutta, a joint that is trying to tap into every Bengali’s idea of heaven: greasy, delicious street food, right off the streets of Kolkata. Apart from the fish fries, chicken cutlets and vegetable chops, also expect Luchi and Chicken Kosha, Kolkata-style biryani {chicken and veg}, Jhaal Moori {a teatime snack}, and even Maggi.

But what is intriguing us is their take on marrying two Kolkata favourites: the momo and the sandesh. Namma Calcutta’s Momo Sandesh promises steamed momos stuffed with sandesh and nolen gur {palm jaggery}. We can’t wait to try this one.

Where: 513, 3rd Cross, Koramangala, 8th Block, near Koramangala Police Station

When: 11.30am to 10.30pm

Contact: +91 9900090117

Price: INR 200 for two

Find them on Facebook here.