We recently came to know about this cool site called Natty.in and we’ve been big fans of this place ever since. They stock products across multiple categories — apparel, accessories, bags, decorative items, lights, stationery, travel accessories, and lots more. But that’s not why we’re raving about it; they’ve got on board some of the most budding brands and designers from India, so you can be sure that whatever you buy from here will be one-of-a-kind. Oh and pretty awesome.

And if you’re on a budget, we’ve made a selection of 10 cool things you can buy form here, all of which cost less than INR 999!

Spa Pail

Brand: Dotted i

Price: INR 750

Buy it here

Ebru Notebook

Brand: The Write Side

Price: INR 400

Buy it here

Reilly Card Case

Brand: Arture

Price: INR 750

Buy it here

Noyontara T-Lite

Brand: Studio Enoy

Price: INR 500

Buy it here

Wanderlust: Journey Book

Brand: Paper Crush

Price: INR 800

Buy it here

Big Peony Metal Pink Cushion

Brand: Homeight

Price: INR 950

Buy it here

Cord Tacos

Brand: Brandless

Price: INR 550

Buy it here

Playhouse Paperweight

Brand: Rayden Design Studio

Price: INR 790

Buy it here

Recipe Cards With Box

Brand: Magnolia Design

Price: INR 250

Buy it here

Modern Day Recovery Kit

Brand: Dotted i

Price: INR 650

Buy it here

Featured photo source: Natty


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