Lemon Zest, Pure Honey Or Orange: These Natural Soaps Are Yummy Enough To Eat

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What Makes It Awesome

We’re not ones to say no to natural skincare. It’s easy on your skin, cruelty-free and better for the environment. And when they come in fun flavours and ranges, it’s a classic win-win situation. So when we came across Natures Craft collection of all natural and handmade cosmetics, our attention was piqued.

For us, top prize goes to their range of bath bombs that make us want to run a nice bath, just to come out of the tub feeling fresh and fragrant. In flavours like Fizzy Rose, which looks the prettiest and comes in a pale pink with rose petals peeking through, Fizzy Lemonade and Cool Blue, which is a peppermint-based variety, we were immediately sold. And what further sealed the deal for us was the easy INR 100 price tag. Natures Craft also has quite the selection of natural soap bars. You can happily shower with Fresh Lemon Zest, Madder Root, Orange and Pure Honey. Made with a mix of shea butter, essential oils and other all natural ingredients, your skin is going to love this. Perfect for when you want to give yourself a little pampering sesh. Prices for their soaps start at INR 140.

Buy a bottle of their hair oil in Lavender and Rosemary or just the Herbal concoction, that come at INR 550 a bottle and they claim it will enhance and condition your scalp and stimulate hair growth as well. Natures Craft is an entirely online brand and as of now you can shop their stuff via their Facebook Page or on Amazon. 

Pro Tip

Covid-19 Update: Nature's Craft has launched a bunch of new skin and hair care products including facial ubtans, night creams and essentials oils. They have also launched their official website and are presently taking orders and delivering pan India.


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