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On Lockdown At Home? Netflix’s New Releases Will Keep You Entertained

Aakanksha posted on 14 September

Unfortunately the city is going through some tough times, and staying indoors is on everyone’s agenda. And while most of the working folk are calling in a Work From Home, there’s more than plenty time to spare. After all, you’re not stuck in traffic and nor is there anywhere else to go. So kick back after watching the news {everyone’s glued, yea?} and catch up on some much-needed Netflix shows. There’s even a few must-watch movies we’ve thrown in too! Happy viewing.

Stranger Things

If you’re the obsessed-with-Netflix kinds like us, you’ll have already watched this one. If not, then what are you waiting for! Only the most addictive {or so we think} release this season, Stranger Things is a tribute to all thriller and crime films and books of the 80s. So of course Stephen King and Steven Spielberg’s style of writing and filming feature heavily. Aliens, experiments and a girl from no-where {we do love you Millie Bobby Brown} make up the main plot. Throw in a zany but loving Winona Ryder as the mother of a boy who’s gone missing and you’re sorted for eight episodes.


Cocaine. Money and now power. Yes, Narcos is back and how! You just can’t get enough of Pablo Escobar and his crew can you? While season one was all about the rise of the drug lord and his cartel, this one is all about his crash and burn. Or slow decline, whichever way you see it! While it was common knowledge that Pablo would be killed off this season, what is noteworthy is how they’ve dealt with his downfall. Already waiting for seasons three and four aren’t you? Wagner Moura, we’ll miss you. Come back as a ghost, won’t you?

Saudi Arabia Uncovered

Not really an entertaining soap but a gripping documentary about the reality in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia Uncovered is a PBS Frontline initiative. A film made with footage from undercover cameras and on-ground forces, it tells the brutal tale of public punishment, flogging, executions and the ghastly details of just living in the nation. Not for the faint hearted though as it’s rather detailed and gory — especially the scenes in Riyadh’s main square, named Chop Chop Square for the number of beheadings that took place there.


Scottish actor Douglas Henshall {the good looking bloke from Primeval} returns to TV as detective Jimmy Perez in this crime drama. A BBC production, it is based in the Scottish archipelago of Shetland wherein Robbie Morton is first reported missing, and is then found dead. But what Perez is perturbed about, is that the killer has a helper, and it might be closer home than he had imagined. Riveting and slightly gory, Shetland takes this to old school crime shows and we’re loving it.

The Fundamentals Of Caring

Want to feel warm and fuzzy inside? Watch The Fundamentals Of Caring. No, no not for the cute Paul Rudd {OK, maybe little bit for him}. Starring Jennifer Ehle, Craig Roberts, and Selena Gomez apart from Rudd, this one is about how Ben {Rudd} is coping with the death of his son, for which he feels responsible. So he turned into a professional caregiver for Trevor {Roberts} who has muscular dystrophy. An unlikely pair, the two test each other’s patience while simultaneously forge a friendship based of harsh truth. Keep you tissue box {boxes} handy, folks, you’ll need it for this film!


What happens when you put seven 20-somethings in a disused hospital as legal squatters? You get a British sitcom to keep you amused. From a heavy smoker and a wannabe chef to a goofy girl and an engaged couple, keeping up with Lulu, Sam, Colin, Fred, Melody, Kate and Anthony is quite edgy! Especially when you throw is the strict rules they have to abide by — no cooking, no smoking, no hosting parties and certainly no sex! We started watching for Jonathan Bailey {of Broadchurch fame} but we’re now officially hooked to this six-episode series. Whoever though of making these millennials Property Guards is genius.


Another Netflix Original film, XOXO was released only in the end of August. An ensemble comedy about six strangers who meet on a night of music, dance, Snapchat and randomness, the stage is set for some drama at the biggest EDM festival XOXO {in the story}. While most of the other actors aren’t too famous, you’ll certainly recognise Sarah Hyland {remember Haley Dunphy on Modern Family} who plays Krystal. Fast-paced, intriguing and quirky, we’re watching this one and relating to it, on many levels. Not Snapchat though.

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