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Here's Where You Can Scuba Dive In Karnataka, Just Under 8 Hours From Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Just off the coast of Murudeshwar, Netrani Island gives you the chance to get your flippers on and explore the deep blue sea and the treasures it holds. Snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts head to Netrani Island. Murudeshwar is an overnight journey or an 8-hour drive from Bangalore. The island is located at about 19 kilometres away from Murudeshwar and it is an hour’s boat ride to get there. Sign up with local operators like Netrani Adventures that will hook you up with a package deals on your adventure itinerary. 

    If you haven’t had any snorkelling experience or are looking for the perfect locale for your first dive (you will need the necessary certification for this), Netrani is ideal. Snorkelling at Netrani Adventures is priced at INR 2,500 and scuba diving is priced at INR 5,000. For diving, first have to pick up the basics in a classroom and the instructor will address any niggling doubts you may have since the diving experience here are for novices and for pros. Then, you hop on a boat and head out for a brief training session. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to get diving! The best time to explore Netrani is during the cooler months — between November and May. 

    There are around seven dive sites around here and the visibility is pretty great. On your dive, you’ll encounter gorgeous sea creatures like Parrot Fish, Sting Ray, Puffer Fish, sharks, turtles, and sea urchins and colourful corals. Netrani Adventures will also share pictures of your underwater adventure so you can show off back home!


    You should also know that operators shut down during the monsoon months as the sea tends to get rough. So if you miss this season, head back in September. That is when they open again.