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Kids Ahoy! Hot Air Ballooning Meets Telekinesis At Phoenix MarketCity

Aakanksha posted on 10 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

While you adults can hit up the real deal of hot air ballooning soon at Jakkur, the kiddies must be taken to Phoenix MarketCity this month for their share of being up in the air. And Neuroland hits India for the first time ever!

Up In The Air

Perfect for even the littlest ones in the family, the Kinder Balloon is a two-three minute ride wherein kids climb into a tethered balloon, it'll be fired up and then off they go! Filled with non-flammable helium {phew!} and since the balloon is tethered, there’s no chance of an Around The World In 80 Days taking place. And for once, the tiny people will get a view from above.

All In The Mind


And since the Marvel universe is dominating, your kids might as well turn Dr Strange, Neuroland will let them move things with the power of the mind. From a Ball Tower, Neuro Duo {which needs two players} or Robotic Arm, this section will give the kids the thrill on being able to move and control things with just the power of the mind. Naturally, it’ll be by means of a neural sensor, but if you and your kids are like us, and truly believe in sci-fi, then this will be exhilarating. In fact, if you see a bunch of adults jostling for space, it’ll be us!

When: Until November 30

Where: Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevapura

Price: INR 250 upwards

Timings: Noon - 9pm

Find out more about hot air ballooning here and Neuroland here.

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Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru

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