Aakanksha posted on 8th July

Dark Vader Or Chocolatey Beer: There Are Many New Brews In Town And Here's Where To Drink Them

Ten-Second Takeaway

The craft brew scene in Bangalore is a gift that keeps on giving. And while we’re all recovering from the alcohol ban in the CBD {let’s hope that fiasco ends soon too}, microbreweries around town have plenty to offer — from dark beers to American specials.

Biergarten - The American Red Ale

A slightly lazy beer, this one is nutty, woody and is all kinds of dreams come true if you like earthy flavours. Since it’s light, it’s ideal to get people who are not beer drinkers onto this fine bandwagon — it’s a good tribe to be part of no? This brew is chocolatey, malty and with notes of caramel, it’s like dessert in a mug.

Arbor Brewing Company - Beach Shack IPA

Perfect for the season, this one is easy drinking all the way. Fruity, slightly bitter and crisp, the Beach Shack is what you’ll be drinking all day and night. ABC also has an American Summer Wheat Ale on tap at the moment which is also light. Look out for the Rye In The Sky — a rye lager you might need some getting used to. It’s got a citrusy flavour with a spicy aroma and lingering bitterness.

Windmills Craftworks - Extra Special Bitter

Bordering on a beautiful red, this seasonal ale is bitter and how. That is possibly why it’s called the Extra Special Bitter. A very London-esque beer {aye, time for rugby or footy!}, it’s got English malts and hops for that rich, malty flavour with a hint of fruit and kick of spice.

Toit - Dark Vader

 Yup, you guessed it. This one is deep, dark and divine, just like Darth Vader. OK, maybe the Sith Lord wasn’t very divine, but this beer sure looks like it will be. A German-style dark lager, it’s black, has complex malt flavours with a generous dose of noble hops! Light, malty and with hints of caramel, may the schwarz be with you on this one! This one comes on tap end of July.