Going To The Airport? You Might Have To Leave A LOT Earlier Thanks To The New Toll

Sreepathy posted on 29 March

As nerve-wracking as it is, the long, arduous journey to the airport got, well a lot more arduous. According to reports you will have to pay the toll on your onward journey to the airport as well, which will cost you INR 85. And if you’re opting for a round trip, then keep INR 125 at hand. This replaces the existing system where you only paid on your return journey from the airport. All in all, according to us, this essentially means that you will have to account for the waiting time at the toll gate when you are making that airport trip. Instead of that extra one hour that you usually add to your airport trip, we are wondering how many more hours do we need to add now. Apparently, there will be 15 lanes will be open towards the airport, but when there’s peak hours to add trouble, we’re expecting at least a 20-minute delay at the toll gate. Gah! While this was delayed from Monday to Tuesday, it was last confirmed that the toll will be in place as of Wednesday midnight.

Suddenly, the Heli Taxii service from E-City to the airport now sounds like a better option.

This report was first published in The Times Of India. You can read the full report here. We have used an updated version of this story which appeared on The New Indian Express here.