Go on a Sticky, Sweet Adventure This May With The Nilgiri Forest Honey Appreciation Tour

What Is It?

If the Bee Movie has taught us anything, it’s that bees and honey are not given enough of the praise and appreciation that they deserve. So, the Nilgiri Forest Honey Appreciation Tour is here to fix that. Honey gathering is an annual event in the Nilgiris by the region’s Kurumba tribe, and this year it’s open to all. This one-day package trip, organised by the NFPC {Nilgiri Farmers Producer Company}, will start from either Ooty, Coonoor or Manjoor depending on your location, and will teach you all about the intricate process of honey collection. From the making of the tools used to collect honey to the bottling of the nectar filtered from the honeycombs, you will learn everything. The tour has already started from this month and goes on until the season ends, depending on the migration of bees.  

Who Is It For?

For all those who crave a truly organic experience, this tour is for you. Escape the hustle and heat of the city and unwind with the Baduga and Kurumba tribe in the cool and hilly Nilgiris. The tour works in groups of five, so this is a great opportunity to bring the whole fam along as this is apparently a kid-friendly experience.

Why Should I Go For It?

This is your chance to experience the tribal life. You will be spending time with the Kurumba tribe, eating their food and soaking up their culture. Known for their festive spirit, the Badugas and Kurumbas turn every gathering into an epic party with a cultural celebration of their music and dance that you don’t want to miss. Bonus! You get to bottle all the honey you collect and take back some. 

Price: INR 12,000 for a group of 5 without transport {additional members INR 2,000 each, and will include a maximum of seven}; INR 15,000 with transport for a group of 5 from Ooty or Coonoor {additional members INR 2,000 each, and will include a maximum of seven}

Contact: Email nanjan.suresh@gmail.com to book a spot or call +91 9845319763


Accommodation is not a part of the package but could be arranged for guests based on their request for an additional cost.