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Turn Your Pastry Chef Mode On And Learn How To Make A No Bake Cheesecake With Nuage Patisserie

    No Bake Cheesecake Making Workshop
    Thu | Sep 3
    4PM - 5PM
    Free Entry
    Streaming live On Zoom

    What's Happening?

    Life is better after a slice of cheesecake, isn't it? Why not just learn to make it yourself and eat it whenever you crave for it! Sign up for this No Bake Cheesecake Workshop with Nuage Patisserie happening on September 3 at 4 PM Via Zoom. The workshop will be conducted by Sanjana Gupta, a baker and owner of Nuage Patisserie located in Bangalore. Sanjana will teach us how to make a cheesecake without baking and from scratch. You'll need the following ingredients for the workshop:

    For the biscuit base :

    Crushed digestive biscuits 100g

    Melted butter 50g

    For the cheesecake batter :

    D’lecta Cream cheese 325g (1.5 cups)

    Rich’s Whipping cream 125g (1/2 cup)

    Lemon juice 1 tsp

     Vanilla essence 1/2tsp

    Food colour (red, orange, green, blue, yellow, purple) 

    Tools required :

    Rolling pin/food processor/ mixer 


    Spatula/wooden spoon

    Electric beater/hand whisk 

    Piping bag

    Parchment paper/butter paper

    7” round tin with a removable bottom 

    Sign up for this free workshop and take a step forward towards becoming a cheesecake expert with Nuage.

    How’s the venue?

    The workshop will be conducted on Zoom.

    Make a note

    Make sure you hit the Register button. Kindly note that this workshop has limited seats. The LBB team will be sending you the confirmation and ZOOM link via email, so do check your mail once you’ve registered.

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    Entry is absolutely FREE
      No Bake Cheesecake Making Workshop
      Thu | Sep 3
      4PM - 5PM
      Free Entry
      Streaming live On Zoom