Funky, Free-Spirited And Handmade: This Accessory Brand Has The No-Strings-Attached Vibe


    Great For


    No Strings Attached is the answer to all your accessory fantasies. Handmade with passion and quirk, each piece is a story in itself. And you can wear their tales!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Need something for a holiday? A wedding? Something to wear to work or to party in? These accessories from No Strings Attached will make your outfit everywhere you go. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, body chains, anklets, hair accessories, this online store has it all. 

    Each piece tells its own story and is unique in its design. Silver, gold, brass, pearls and gem stones are what you’ll find at this webstore. Given this wide range of options, the places and occasions that you can wear these to is endless. Their oceanic collection is particularly versatile because of its colour range which includes whites, blues and pale pinks. 

    Looking to make a bold statement? Their chunky jewellery is well worth looking into. It combines geometric designs with large single stones and leaves the wearer making quite an impression.