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No Visa, No Problem: 5 Countries That Offer Visa On Arrival

Planning a winter holiday, but been to Goa just too many times, and there’s just not enough time to run around getting that visa? Here are five countries that accept Visa on Arrival for Indians. Best of all: None of them will break the bank.


There is a whole lot more to Thailand than what is usually mentioned, and you can count on being pleasantly surprised once you land. They offer a Visa on Arrival at your first point of entry/landing, at a visa fee of THB 1000. Totally worth it.

Fly to: Suvarnabhumi Airport {Bangkok}

Currency used: Thai Baht {THB 1 = INR 1.87 approx.}


This beautiful destination, which incidentally is a great option for couples as well as large groups, offers Indians a visa on arrival, which is valid for one month.

Fly to: Ngurah Rai International Airport {Bali}

Currency Used: Indonesian Rupaiah {1 Rupaiah = INR 0.0050 approx.}


Perfect for a quick winter destination, this country {which has a huge number of ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts} offers a visa on arrival that is, unfortunately, valid for only two weeks. Hey, you can always go back again!

Fly to: Queen Alia International Airport

Currency Used: Jordinian Dinar {JOD 1 = INR 94.19 approx.}

Jeju Island, South Korea

This is the only place in South Korea that offers Indian tourists the option of visa on arrival {valid for one month}. With a rugged, volcanic landscape, the option to go on scenic hikes, an amazing waterfall, and a crater lake, this one is definitely on our list of must-visit places.

Fly to: Jeju International Airport

Currency Used: South Won {1 South Won = INR 0.058 approx.}


There’s a whole lot of things one can do in Laos, so it makes us happy that we get a visa on arrival for one month.


It is generally cheaper to take an indirect flight to Bangkok, with a stop on the way. There are plenty of trains, planes and buses that go to Laos from Bangkok.

Fly to: Luang Prabang International Airport

Currency Used: Laotian Kip {LAK 1 = INR 0.0085 approx.}

Honourable mentions go to both Bhutan and Nepal, where us lucky Indians don’t need a visa at all. What are you waiting for? Start planning!