Show Everyone Who Runs The World With This Brand's Range Of Clothing


Noirde is a premium women’s wear brand that caters to boss women, girl bosses, and all you beautiful female powerhouses who dress to express. 

What Makes It Awesome

Women are already owning the year, be it rendering the first image of a blackhole, or slaying at Red Carpets and on stage around the world among other things. And if you’re someone who has fire in her belly, and channels it with style worthy of making an appearance on Suits, you should check out Power Dressing brand Noirde. The less-is-more aesthetic is pretty evident, as the clothing is classy, structured and with minimal embellishments and texture. Find solid colours, clean cuts and sharp Silhouettes, to really make you feel like the Girl Boss you are.

Pick up their white, sleeveless halter top, pair it with the Sky High Waisted trousers, and maybe throw on the cropped blazer and you’ll feel like a Boss Lady in the streets, at post work drinks, and everywhere in between. And if you’re looking to make that known even in just a T-Shirt, they have one that literally says Boss Lady! Great for office wear, formal occasions, and just anywhere you sashay into and let everyone know what a powerhouse you are. Trousers (all high waisted, in case you’re wondering) at INR 999, blazers at 1899, tops at INR 1299. The clothing is available in UK standard sizes, and can be delivered on the day of ordering if you're in Bangalore. 


They also have a range of accessories - a blazer cover and a planner to be exact. 

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Noirde has an all-women workforce that offers a wardrobe which screams “girl power!” We love their graphic tees, crisp white collar shirts and pleated peplums starting at ₹789.
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