Cut The Caffeine And Say Hello To Rhododendron And Nettle Herbal Tea From This Artisanal Homegrown Brand


If green tea isn't your cup of tea, Nomad Brew Co.'s herbal teas probably is. The brand's three flavours come with all the goodness of herbal tea and it's completely organic too! And the fragrance is as amazing as the taste!

What Makes It Awesome

For those who have tried to cut their daily dose of caffeine and found it difficult, we have the perfect alternative, Nomad Brew Co. They are an artisanal, homegrown, herbal tea brand that does three types each with distinct flavours and use, and these are apparently 100 per cent organic. The three types are Big Bang, which gives you that much needed morning boost while the Deep Cleanse is for the afternoon and Liquid Gold is something to brew just before you hit the sack. While the names only tell you that much, it's the flavour profile that will make you want to brew a cup. 

The Deep Cleanse blend, our favourite of the lot, combines rhododendron, bay leaf, and Rama tulsi to give a very refreshing cup that's light yet has that subtle spice brought on by the bay leaf. If you've had a heavy meal, a cup of this will help in the digestion. It's very relaxing too! What we also love is the whole process of making herbal tea since what you get are loose leaves and a teaspoon of Big Bang (rhododendron, nettle, and rosemary) or the nettle-chamomile-Rama tulsi blend of Liquid Gold in a pot will give you that satisfaction of brewing a nice little infusion of herbal happiness. Not to mention, opening the packet and taking a sniff is super relaxing too! 


They are releasing a herbal cooler soon and we can't wait to try that out yet!