Ten-second takeaway

Creative thinkers, artists, and curators channel your inner creativity and unleash your vision as part of Numa Bengaluru’s Bathroom Project (yes, the art will be in the restrooms).

Potty talk

Indu Antony, who drives NUMA Bengaluru’s communications and events initiatives, shares that she has always maintained a personal ‘Diary of Bathrooms’. Her rather curious hobby has led her to collect photos, cutouts and the thoughts that ran through her mind as she visited different bathrooms across the world. Indu soon realised that by default people spent a lot of time in the bathroom and that it was important space that not many people gave a second thought to. They are also intimate spaces where many of us collect our thoughts (or read) and it can also be intimidating (some of us tend to feel a bit jiggity when we have to share it with others). It is this intimacy and intimidation that forms the theme of the Bathroom Project.

Project loo

NUMA is open to exploring every sort of art form in its eight bathrooms – from visuals to poetry readings and  AV projections. Artists need to send in their contact information, a short biography, sample URLS, and a project proposal of around 1,000 words to NUMA. Once you’ve made the cut, the bathroom space is all yours for a month. NUMA is looking to inaugurate the spaces in March.

Where: 46/1, Opposite Hotel Empire, Church Street

When: Last day of applications is February 29, 2016

Contact: indu.a@numa.co

Find them on Facebook here.