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For Fresh, Filling Salads, Hit Up Nuts Over Salads Especially If You Work In ITPL

Ritika posted on 21 February

Ten-Second Takeaway

From a subscription based weekly salad service to now a brick and mortar cafe, albeit inside ITPL, Nuts Over Salads has had a long journey. Expect old favourites and some new additions.

Chow Down

Mexican Rice Salad, Creamy Pasta Salad

Sip On

Hazelnut Cold Coffee

Winning For

Budget health food

Lowdown On The Ambience

Considering Nuts Over Salads is inside the ITPL cafeteria, there’s not much to say about the ambience. It’s a typical office cafeteria kiosk and has plastic chairs and tables all around.

What's On The Menu?

Nuts Over Salads used to be one of our favourite salad delivery services but now they have this little salad bar at ITPL. You can pick from eight kinds of salads as well as soups, pasta, and subs.

All the salads are typical garden variety stuff but such a refreshing change from the usual heavy mid-office lunch fare. I first tried the Mexican Rice Salad and got it topped with garlic chicken. It was fresh and well-cooked and the added chicken was bonus. The Creamy Pasta Salad was a little heavier but still light on your conscience, considering it’s mostly vegetables anyway. Their cold coffee is absolutely scrumptious but not too great for calorie cutting because it’s definitely got sugar. You can also make your own salad if you aren’t too taken by what’s on their menu. Most of their salads come with some kind of carbs — be it brown basmati rice or pasta and noodles, but this is excellent if you are looking for a filling meal with portion controlled carbs. There are carb-free versions too with plenty of proteins and greens. 

So, We’re Thinking…

ITPL folks, you will love Nuts Over Salads’ healthy options, and the fact that their salads are not just healthy but also delicious and filling, makes us like them even more. If you’re trying to switch over to the greener side and don’t want to compromise on flavour, Nuts Over Salads is just the place for you.

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Location Details

Food Court, ITPL Tech Park, Whitefield, Bengaluru