Nuts About Nuts? This Brand Has Them From Across The Globe And You'll Want All

    What Makes It Awesome

    I am the kind of person who needs to snack every hour. And that can be troublesome with chips being my first target. That was the past though. When I chanced upon Nuvan, I realised this was a wonderful alternative (yes, I now, it's been the best alternative forever.), and since I truly do love nuts, I was pleased to find such a variety. Plus, most of them are natural, gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly. 

    Sourced and imported from across the globe, the offerings are seemingly similar to any other brand, but the taste is much superior. I loved the Roasted & Salted Iranian Pistachios. Just lightly roasted and with a hint of salt, I find them very crunchy, and not in the least bit moist, even after the bag is open for a week or two. My mum's favourite is the walnut kernels loaded with Omega 3 and anti-oxidants. For those looking for good cashew nuts, these folks have the roasted and the salted ones. Plus, regular unsalted ones. Premium and Jumbo California almonds too are on offer. I did however prefer the Premium to the Jumbo ones. 

    Not only do these serve as between meal snacks, but I also happily add them to my cereal, and almost to every dessert that is made in the house (though that is a rarity!). The almonds can even be soaked overnight and had in the morning - a practice I do not know the reasoning behind, but one I have followed for 33 years! They're good for immunity, so no harm! 

    Being easily available on LBB, buy them in packs of two, and better still, get more points for it!