Personalised Catering And Event Styling Services From One Full Meals

Roshni posted on 02 May


Offering customised menus and elaborate event styling, One Full Meals goes beyond your regular catering companies.

Dine In Style

Ask Malvika Poddar {a graduate of the reputed The Culinary Institute of American and a chef by profession} about her inspiration behind One Full Meals and she’ll tell you about how she had always wanted to take up catering for small gatherings. But that is not all. She always wanted to go that bit further than just serving food. Encouraged by the positive response she received for her initial promotional events and hampers, she teamed up with Karuna Reddy {freelance stylist} to start the catering and event styling company, One Full Meals. And they really do go all out to give you a memorable experience.

Dishing It Out

Thinking in terms of a theme party? No problem. From simple details in the decor to the dishes offered, they will design it all according to your preference. For instance, one of their recent events was themed around orange as the main ingredient. Or, if you’re planning to host a bunch of friends or family at home for a get-together, they will get their chef to come right to your home and whip up the dishes you’d like. While Karuna heads the styling aspect, Malvika uses her expertise to customise a menu that suited to the occasion.

Catering To All

Once you get in touch with them and discuss ideas, they’ll also arrange a tasting of the dishes you’ve chosen. And, if you’re looking for something different, they’re up for anything from Turkish and Mexican to Filipino and Marwari cuisine, we hear. And, mostly prepared with seasonal and local produce, too! While you can go for options like Tostones with spicy tomato salsa, Pulled Beef Sliders with Whiskey Sour Pickle or Slow Cooked Pork Chops with Buckwheat Risotto and Peanuts, desi delights like Pav Bhaji Masala Fried Chicken, and Caramelised Onion and Mushroom Duxelle Stuffed Samosa Chaat are also part of their menu. Oh, and while you’re at it, do try some of Malvika’s handmade artisan pickles. We love the Piquant Pineapple with its sweet and spicy flavours {perfect to be paired with some fried rice} just as much as the Kimchee pickle {with bits of cabbage and radish adding a nice crunch to the spicy mix}. Well, if you needed a reason to throw a party, we think you’ve just got one!

Price: INR 800 per head upwards {varies according to events}

Contact: +91 09740017071,

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